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Re: Y Store /Closures

On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, Sundar Narasimhan wrote:

> Ok. What is the framework that Avi is talking about / where can one
> get such hands-on experience?

The framework is in Smalltalk, and is called Seaside:
http://www.beta4.com/seaside2.  Since I may not have been clear, I should
mention that I am the primary developer of this framework.

Other systems I know of for doing web development with continuations:

- The web libaries for DrScheme (http://www.drscheme.org)
- "Borges", a rough port of Seaside to Ruby
- Experimental additions to the Cocoon project (which started out as
Schecoon, not sure where they're at now, but I know they moved from Scheme
to a continuation-capable JavaScript).  Ovidiu Predescu, who did this
work, used to be on this list.

IMO (but I'm biased) Seaside is by far the most practical of these.