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Re: Y Store /Closures

Sundar Narasimhan wrote:

>A question for you though -- is the "back/clone" problem somewhat like
>the "window resize" problem? (i.e. it's real, and something users
>occasionally do (potentially hosing themselves), but my question is --
>is this capability essential?). Do you believe that frameworks that
>solve it cleanly are actually going to take "advantage" of a clean
>back-button capability to be competition killers? 
I don't have any special qualification to answer this. When sites have 
bugs like that, it
sure bothers me a lot, but obviously that's far from being the answer to 
your question.

>(In practice, I
>haven't worried much about the back button because in every page we
>try and provide ways to "undo".. that undoes the 'last' operation, and
>a page-trail, that takes users back to pre-defined spots -- users tend
>to prefer that rather than hunting and poking w/ the back button to
>find some place they've previously visited in my experience but I
>could be wrong. The clone button I worry about even less.. we actually
>"use" the clone button for spinning up auxiliary searches etc. that
>the user might need to do, and actually have to "educate" our users
>about it.. most of them are unaware of things like "Open in new
>window" :) 
Oh.  I've been using "Open in new tab" in Netscape 7 quite a lot lately; 
I really like it.
It's a great compromise between just using the "Go" menu, on the one 
hand, and
actually opening up whole new windows on the other hand.  But maybe a 
lot of users
don't ever do any of this.