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Re: Y Store /Closures

Daniel Weinreb wrote
> Christopher Barber wrote
> >What is the difference between a Web app vs other apps?
> I am not entirely sure that I have been following all of this, since I
> have never
> written presentation-tier web apps stuff myself, but I presume that the
> interesting issue here is the need for coroutining that comes up because
> the structure of the way HTTP interactions and web browsers work.  Each
> click on a browser button invokes a little subroutine, which runs and
> returns
> a result, which the user at the browser sees as the next page.  But from
> point of view of writing the application, it is inconvenient (sometimes
> to the
> point of being utterly unacceptable) to have everything be "event-driven"
> in this way. There is state to be maintained between one click and the
> next, and you sometimes want that state to be expressed as "control state"
> (i.e. in the "PC" and the "stack", to use the "vulgar" terms) rather than
> state stored away in variables or files or databases.  Hence the interest
> in continuations.  (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

What you call event-driven here looks more like submit-driven to me.
IMO event driven is more fine grained than this. I fire events to the server
on slots modification so that I can control more precisely what the user
does. In this case continuations don't apply.

I am the only one here to do such kind of web applications ?