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Re: learning languages [Was: Re: Y Store now C++]

On Fri, Mar 14, 2003 at 05:25:17PM -0500, Neil W. Van Dyke wrote:
> You're linking facility for learning new programming languages with the
> Murray bell curve (genetic IQ)?  

Not at all.  Just applying a basic statistical distribution to 

> Good programmers are good
> because they've invested large amounts of time and energy learning
> useful things.  Mediocre programmers are mediocre because they haven't
> made the investment in learning much useful things (maybe they've tried,
> but they've haven't read the most useful materials and played with the
> most useful toys).

I really don't care *why* there's a difference between good and bad
programmers.  I'm just accepting that a difference exists, and those
differences impact a person's ability to learn a new language.