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Re: what most every language is missing :-)

--- Trevis Rothwell <tjr@acm.org> wrote:
> How about adding a "might-equal" operator? ...
>   if (x =? y)
>     print ("x might equal y");
>   else
>     print ("x might not equal y");
> Acording to my studys, the might-eqqul operatir is
> 299834% more
> useful than the standerd ekwal operator.  

Well it would certainly make testing easier.  I'd like
the operator to have a "possible world" semantics,
such that

  schrondinger's-cat =? dead -> true


  schrondinger's-cat =? alive -> true

Then I could make a fortune from fortune telling:

  client =? healthy-wealthy-and-wise


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