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condition systems?

What about condition systems, or exception handling?  Are they worth discussion in the context of lightweight languages?  My guess is yes, but i don't recall such a thread on this list.

Perhaps it's more of a development environment issue than a language issue, but its certainly an important issue as the software world becomes more dynamic and distrubted.  Or maybe we're greatful we have any exception handling at all and it's another thing we'd rather keep secret like using print statements to debug.

Guy Steel's Common Lisp - ~50 pages in chapter 29 - i read it every year or so.
Paul Graham's Common Lisp - 3 pages 
The 1992 Dylan book had a nice chapter 13 which compared several different condition systems.

Common Lisp's was the nicest i've played with, perhaps people could comment on other languages.  

A few years ago a coworker raved about how great it was that Java gave you a stack trace.  I agreed, saying that it was one of the nicest features of Java, and kept the thoughts of my Lisp days to myself.   An example of the "Silence of the lambda's" that i regret.  Sorry Henry.