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Re: condition systems?

Also a good read:

``Exceptional Situations In Lisp'' by Kent Pitman (March, 1990)

On Tuesday, Apr 8, 2003, at 16:51 US/Eastern, Ken Anderson wrote:

> What about condition systems, or exception handling?  Are they worth 
> discussion in the context of lightweight languages?  My guess is yes, 
> but i don't recall such a thread on this list.
> Perhaps it's more of a development environment issue than a language 
> issue, but its certainly an important issue as the software world 
> becomes more dynamic and distrubted.  Or maybe we're greatful we have 
> any exception handling at all and it's another thing we'd rather keep 
> secret like using print statements to debug.
> Guy Steel's Common Lisp - ~50 pages in chapter 29 - i read it every 
> year or so.
> Paul Graham's Common Lisp - 3 pages
> The 1992 Dylan book had a nice chapter 13 which compared several 
> different condition systems.
> Common Lisp's was the nicest i've played with, perhaps people could 
> comment on other languages.
> A few years ago a coworker raved about how great it was that Java gave 
> you a stack trace.  I agreed, saying that it was one of the nicest 
> features of Java, and kept the thoughts of my Lisp days to myself.   
> An example of the "Silence of the lambda's" that i regret.  Sorry 
> Henry.