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RE: Hackers and Painters and Lawyers

> Peter,
> In the spirit of group support and mutual assistance we all provide each-other
> here, I was wondering if I could start pinging you with legal questions
> related to my nasty neighbor disputing my property line with
> him?  ;-)
> (Sorry -- we so rarely hear from outside experts, I just had
> to play the annoying party-guest.)
> -Brent


    Only if you live in New York State. Lawyers are licensed on a state-by-state basis and we are only starting to see the emergence of the radical idea of having "regional packs" so that *gasp* a lawyer in one state could practice five miles away in a neighboring state.

    Hopefully the CS community won't move towards this sort of absurd licensing model, although it is probably just a matter of time before state legislatures discover this potential cash cow.

    But seriously, attorneys are even more specialized than software people and neighborhood disputes aren't my forte. These days all of my time is going into The Institute for End User Computing, Inc. and the development of a Plain English based End User programming language.
    My advice on the neighbor problem is to seek local legal counsel or just burry the hatchet to save yourselves a lot of money and aggravation!

Warmest Regards,



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