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Re: case against XP (was: PG: Hackers and Painters)

> http://www.softwarereality.com/lifecycle/xp/case_against_xp.jsp

This article isn't really about XP, it's about projects that are badly
managed. It says if you don't use XP but instead allow chaos to rule your
project, then your project will be in trouble. It says, when using XP for a
project it is not very suited to (such as fixed price contracts), it doesn't
seem to work. It assumes that you can't modify XP to suit your team or
organisation - for instance you don't have to have user stories hand written
on cards! There are many other inaccuracies and misunderstandings. The
author must have been bitten hard :-).

However, it's good to see some hype-curbing articles about XP. The hype did
seem to get out of control a couple of years back. It's seems to me that XP
was baulking from the drudgery of large rigid processes. It may have gone
too far. What's important is to reflect on the processes we use and try to
improve them rather than just saying "Oh, that's the way we've always done
it around here.". That's what the agile movement is all about.