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Re: What's so cool about Scheme?

Another one that I like is:

 - Essentials of Programming Languages, by Dan Friedman & friends

It uses Scheme plus some custom macros (so it's not pure Scheme
throughout), and it's really more about programming languages than
Scheme.  But you may still learn some good stuff, and it might help
you keep up with some of the discussions on this list!  :-)

 -- Trevis

Billy wrote:
> This is slightly off topic but...
> I took scheme in college, and promptly forgot it after the class was
> over since I was much more interested in C++ at the time.  I've come
> back to scheme now, and I think I've come to really like the elegance
> of the language.  The problem I'm having is, unlike many other
> languages I learned, I'm having problems finding and learning the
> idioms beyond the basic ones. I'm having a problem finding examples to
> advance to the "next level".  Are there any pieces of
> code/projects/books that any of you would suggest which would give
> comprehensive examples of idioms and even styles.
> -billy