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On Sunday, June 15, 2003, at 11:16 PM, Michael Vanier wrote:

> -- direct syntactic support for regexps

To be fair, this is a really nice feature. I'm not sure what history of 
this construct is but it offers a nice optimization. Using a regex 
inline (rather than instantiating a Regexp instance and explicitly 
messaging it) puts the regex directly in the AST (no instantiation) and 
removes a method send. For text processing scripts, this can count for 
a lot.

> -- both the do...end and { } notation for function bodies


> -- perlish options to put keywords in different places
>    for conditionals (e.g. "foo() if /bar/")

Personally, I like this. It allows for more English like constructs. 
But that is just my personal taste. If I could get rid of it, it would 
make my job of converting the ruby grammar easier. :)

> Other than that, I think ruby is a fine language.