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Re: CPS in Parrot (was: A plea for a new old language)

At 12:47 PM -0500 8/5/03, Matt Hellige wrote:
>[Dan Sugalski <dan@sidhe.org>]
>>  At 9:46 AM -0400 8/5/03, Vadim Nasardinov wrote:
>>  >In the interest of bringing some closure to this thread, let me
>>  >juxtapose these two quotes:
>>  Yup. Everyone can feel free to gloat about that a bit. Even better,
>>  in "Perl 6 Essentials", the book I co-wrote with Allison Randal and
>>  Leo Toetsch, there's a section describing continuations that closes
>>  with something like "and they'd be really useful as a control
>>  mechanism, but we've decided to not do that". I am going to be living
>>  that one down for an awfully long time. I think I'll manage, given
>>  the win. :)
>>  Probably the important bit in that final quote is "(I'm convinced at
>>  this point that all of the fear people have about continuations is a
>>  direct result of how they're taught and what's associated with them,
>>  though that's a rant for another
>>  day.)" Which I believe, and am quite willing to stand by.
>Now that you have a bit more implementation under your belt, would you
>care to comment on how this is going? Are developers generally
>troubled by the concept or the technique, or have continuations gotten
>a pretty good reception?

It's hard to tell for sure, since almost everyone involved has been 
with it since before we switched over. As far as I can tell, though, 
everyone else is has the attitude "OK, weird return thingie's passed 
in P1. Whatever." Which is fine, that's what I'd like everyone to be 

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