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Re: Continuations

At 7:37 PM +0200 8/11/03, Marco Baringer wrote:
>Dan Sugalski <dan@sidhe.org> writes:
>>  No, and none, respectively. They allow for some really powerful
>>  techniques, and they make some relatively bizarre things easier (like
>>  implementing interpreters, compilers, and dynamic syntax extension)
>>  but for most of the stuff you'll do with computers they're not
>>  particularly useful.
>i think cocoon (cocoon.apache.org) is a beautiful
>counter-example. developers using cocoon's flowscript neither know nor
>particularly care that they're using continuations, yet the code
>is so much simpler because of them.

I'll disagree--if you hide the continuations it's hardly a 
counter-example. :) Continuations are really useful as an 
implementation tool, but that's not anything I'll dispute.

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