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He's suggesting that continuations should probably not respond #t to
procedure? (in other words, continuations should not have the same
types as procedures do).

And possibly you should have to write (something like):

  (throw k v)

rather than:

  (k v)

to invoke a continuation. That's the way that SML/NJ does it.

As far as vectors as functions, it means that the vector selection
operation becomes applying a vector (as a function) to a number.
Mutation would be applying it to two values, a number as index and new
value to store at that index.


At Thu, 14 Aug 2003 10:39:47 -0600, lewisbrown@acm.org wrote:
> Would somebody please elaborate on Dr. Felleisen's suggestion that
> 'Scheme may have made a mistake' in treating continuations as plain
> functions; and, also, what would 'making vectors functions' give us?
> Cheers,
> lb
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> > to make it "big" (for some definition of that). Dan is right when he
> > says that we
> > shouldn't think of them as plain functions and Scheme may have made a 
> > mistake
> > there. (It would have been better off making vectors functions.) 
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