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Re: bindings and assignments (was: Re: continuations)

Guy Steele said:
> We managed to drag a lot of [C++ programmers]
> about halfway to Lisp.

I can attest to the fact the popularity of Java not only
makes it easier to talk about Lisp, but it also makes it

I was actually given time yesterday in our staff meeting
to explain what Lisp is, what advantages it offers, and
what features that are "new" in Java existed already in
Lisp.  Without Java as a reference point, the conversation
would never have begun.

This, in a company that works with the full C tower
(C, unix shells, C++, Java, Perl) and knows nothing else.

Java is a kind of trojan horse for C shops.  If you have
Java, it is not much of a stretch to use Kawa or Jython,
and then C hegemony is lost.

Kevin Kelleher <kkell@znet.com>