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Re: LL3, Nov. 8, 2003, Call for participation


The broadcast sounds like a great idea.  Can you give some details?  What
would be really nice is a link to a site that uses identical technology
and has some test data.  Also (can I add that this isn't gratuitous
MS-bashing, just practicalities - if the answer is "none" then I need to
install VMWare and Windows on my work machine) does anyone have any
recommendations for what Linux app might be suitable for watching? 
Finally, will it be possible to choose audio without video (as you can
probably tell, I know nothing about web broadcasting and am on the end of
a relatively slow link).  Oh, and a pony would be nice too ;o)


Jeremy Hylton said:
> Lightweight Languages Workshop 2003 (LL3)
> =========================================
> Saturday, November 8, 2003
> MIT, Room 34-101, Cambridge, Mass.
> http://ll3.ai.mit.edu/
> The workshop will also be broadcast live on the Internet.  We are
> grateful to Microsoft Research for sponsoring the workshop and
> Internet broadcast.