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Scheme Workshop 2003 - Final Call for Participation

[Previous workshop calls were meant to go to this list. After many
 mailings, I've only just discovered that I consistently mis-sent to
 this list, even though it's one of the most relevant!

 Apologies --- and a special invivation --- to those for whom this call
 is news.]


                       --  11 days from now --
                        2003 Scheme Workshop
                         Friday, November 7
                       Northeastern University
                        Boston, Massachusetts


        >>> Registration is now open at the above web address <<<
                             (It's free)


 9:30    Registration 

10:00  PLoT Scheme 
        Alexander Friedman and Jamie Raymond 

10:15  PICBIT: A Scheme System for the PIC Microcontroller 
        Marc Feeley and Danny Dube 

10:45  Dot-Scheme: A PLT Scheme FFI for the .NET framework 
        Pedro Pinto 

11:00  From Python to PLT Scheme 
        Philippe Meunier and Daniel Silva 

11:15    Break 

11:45  How to Add Threads to a Sequential Language Without Getting Tangled Up 
        Martin Gasbichler, Eric Knauel, Michael Sperber, and Richard Kelsey 

12:15  Unwind-protect in portable Scheme 
        Dorai Sitaram 

12:30  Enabling Complex UI In Web Applications With send/suspend/dispatch 
        Peter Walton Hopkins 

12:45  [Demo] Groupscheme 
        Kenroy Granville 

13:00    Lunch 

14:00  [Demo] Orion - a window manager for X11 
        Martin Gasbichler 

14:15  Well-Shaped Macros 
        Ryan Culpepper and Matthias Felleisen 

14:45  [Demo] FrTime (LL3 preview)
        Greg Cooper 

15:00  Porting Scheme Programs 
        Dorai Sitaram 

15:15    Break 

15:30  [Panel] Scheme standardization 

17:30    Workshop ends