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Re: Rather, DSSLs increase modularity, productivity

Felix Klock's ll1 list proxy wrote:

> My impression, from back when I actively followed polyJ, Pizza, GJ,  
> NextGen, etc:
> The compiler statically verifies that the computation is well-typed.
> What I suspect Christopher is referring to is the fact that the 
> output  bytecode still has dynamic checks that it runs, since the 
> generated  bytecode is backward compatible with pre GJ VMs, and so it 
> does have to  continue to pass the runtime bytecode verifier.
> So you still have the same runtime inefficiency; the main plus (but 
> the  more important one IMO) is that you know at compile-time that 
> things  won't go wrong with respect to type-casts.

Right, also it is possible to assign a Vector to a Vector<Foo>, although 
the compiler will produce a warning message.  I believe that an earlier 
version of the proposal did not even deprecate this behavior.

- C