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Re: dynamic vs. static typing

On Nov 18, 2003, at 11:01 PM, Ken Shan wrote:

> I'm sorry, but I feel that you want me to be your academic assistant or
> understudy, and I don't have the time or desire to do that.  Please 
> read
> the abstract and/or apply your other skills for reading research 
> papers.

Well a summary might be useful for people who cant' read this stuff:

=let in =let in =let in = let in W ∃VθΓΣEx,,,,,()αn:Sn.τ∀ Ex()= 
βn{}V∩∅= V βn{}∪Γβn:Sn θβn αn⁄τ,,, W ∃VθΓΣEλx.e,,,,,()α V∉ V' Γ' θ' 
τ,,,()W ∃V α{}∪θΓΣEx:α[]e,,,, ,()= V' Γ' θ' ατ→,,,() W 
∃VθΓΣEe1e2(),,,,,()V1 Γ1 θ1 τ1,,,()W∃VθΓΣEe1,,,,,()= V 2 Γ2 θ2 
τ2,,,()W∃V1 θ1 Γ1 ΣEe2,,,,,()= α V 2∉ Γ' θ',()unify ΣΓ2 θ2τ1 θ2τ2 
α→=,()= V 2 α{}∪Γ' θ'θ2 α,,,() W ∃VθΓΣElet xe1= ine2,,,,,() V 1 Γ1 θ1 
τ1,,,()W∃VθΓΣEe1,,,,,()= αn{}FVθ 1τ1()FVθ1E()–= W ∃V1 θ1 Γ1\ αn{}ΣEx: 
αn:Γ1αn.θ1τ1∀ e2,,, ,,()

--- james mccartney