Selected Publications


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Dynamic Object Oriented Programming, Morgan-Kaufmann Publishers, In press.
Exploring Artificial Intelligence, Morgan-Kaufmann Publishers, 1988.
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Papers in Refereed Journals

T. Stahovich, R. Davis, and H. Shrobe. Qualitative rigid-body mechanics. In Artificial Intelligence, 119(1-2):19-60, 2000.
T. Stahovich, R. Davis, and H.Shrobe. Generalting multiple new designs from a sketch. In Artificial Intelligence, 104(1-2):211--264, 1998.
Howard. E. Shrobe. Two Challenging Domains. In ACM Computing Surveys, vol. 28, pp. 12-es, 1996.
Howard Shrobe. Why the AI community still needs Lisp. In IEEE Expert, April 1996
Edward A. Feigenbaum, Peter Friedland, Bruce B. Johnson, H. Penny Nii, Herbert Schnorr, Howard E. Shrobe, Robert S. Engelmore. Knowledge-Based Systems in Japan (Report of the JTEC Panel). In CACM, VoL. 37, Number 1, January 1994, 17-19.
Howard Shrobe. The Japanese National Fifth Generation Project: Introduction, survey and Evaluation. In Future Generation Computer Systems, 9:2, pp 105-117, July 1993.
Davis, R. and Shrobe, H. Representing Structure and Behavior of Digital Hardware. In Computer, 16(10), October 1983.
C. Rich and H. Shrobe. Initial Report on a Lisp Programmer Apprentice. In IEEE Trans on Software Engineering, 4(6), November 1978, 456-467.

Papers in Proceedings of Refereed Conferences

Jon Doyle, Isaac Kohane, William Long, Howard Shrobe, and Peter Szolovits. Agile Monitoring for Cyber Defense. In Proceedings of the Second DARPA Information Survivability Conference and Exposition (DISCEX-II), June 12-14, 2001, Anaheim, California.
Howard Shrobe. Model-Based Troubleshooting for Information Survivability. In Proceedings of the DARPA Information Survivability Conference, DISCEX 2000, Hilton Head, SC, January, 2000.
Chrysanthos Dellarocas, Mark Klein, and Howard Shrobe. An architecture for constructing self-evolving software systems Symposium on Software Development Environments, Proceedings of the third international workshop on Software architecture November 1 - 5, 1998, Orlando, FL USA, Pages 29-32
Thomas F. Stahovich, Randall Davis, and Howard E. Shrobe. Qualitative rigid-body mechanics In Proceedings of Fourteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AAAI-97, 1997
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Mark Nahabedian and Howard Shrobe. Diagnosing Delivery Problems in The White House Information Distribution System In Innovative Applications of AI, AAAI 1996, Portland Oregon, 1996.
Thomas F. Stahovich, Randall Davis, and Howard E. Shrobe. Generating Multiple New Designs From a Sketch In Proceedings Thirteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AAAI-96, 1996
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F. Stahovich, R. Davis, and H. Shrobe. Turning sketches into working geometry. In Proceedings of the 1995 ASME 9th International Conference on Design Theory and Methodology, pages 603--610, 1995.
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H. Shrobe. Understanding linkages. In Proceedings of AAAI-93, Washington, DC, 1993, pp. 620--625.
Shrobe, H., Aspinall, J., and Mayle, N. Towards A Virtual Parallel Inference Engine. In AAAI '88, pages 654--659.
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S. Rowley, H. Shrobe, R. Cassels, W. Hamscher. Joshua: Uniform Access to Heterogeneous Knowledge Structures (or Why Joshing is better than Conniving or Planning) National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AAAI, pp. 48-52, 1987, Seattle, Washington.
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Howard Shrobe. The Making of Scheme-81. In Proceedings of ICCC 82, New York, September 1982.
Howard Shrobe. The Data Path Generator. In Proceedings of the MIT Conference on Advanced Research in VLSI, January 1982
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C. Rich, H. Shrobe and R. Waters. An Overview of the Programmer's Apprentice. In Proceedings of 6th IJCAI, Tokyo, August 1979.

Other Major Publications

Krzysztof Gajos, Luke Weisman, and Howard Shrobe. Design Principles For Resource Management Systems For Intelligent Spaces. In Proceedings of The Second International Workshop on Self-Adaptive Software, Budapest, Hungary, 2001
J. Doyle, I. Kohane, W. Long, H. Shrobe, and P. Szolovits. Event recognition beyond signature and anomaly. In Proceedings of the Second IEEE SMC Information Assurance Workshop. IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, June 2001.
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Howard E. Shrobe and Jon Doyle. Active Trust Management for Autonomous Adaptive Survivable Systems. In Self-Adaptive Software, Springer-Verlag Lecture-Notes in Computer Science #1936, February 2001, Robertson, Laddaga, Shrobe, eds.
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Howard Shrobe. What Does the Future Hold? AI Magazine, 21(4) 41-57.
Randall Davis, Howard E. Shrobe, and Peter Szolovits. What Is a Knowledge Representation? AI Magazine, 14(1):17-33. 1993.
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Howard E. Shrobe. Providing Paradigm Orientation without Implementational Handcuffs. In Sigart, 1991.
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