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  Current Version Released Terms
hitch 1b1 2006-09-17 GPL
infobar 1a3 2006-11-22 GPL

Quick Start

What do HITCH and INFOBAR do?

Here is an example info page from scm5c4.info. The subsequent version, scm5c5.info changed the name of a cross-reference, corrected a grammatical error, and shifted spaces in three function headers.

Notice all the changes? Here is a regular diff, space-ignoring diff, context diff, and space-ignoring context diff to help.

infobar scm5c4.info scm5c5.info scm.info
Creates scm.info, with change bars in the rightmost column (you may need to pan your browser) marking the cross-reference and grammatical change; not the spacing changes.

hitch scmprev/scm_\*.html scm_\*.html ../public_html/
Creates scm_6.html with the same changed sections colored red; and appends a line explaining the colorization.


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