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The SCM Implementation of Scheme

Current Version Released Terms
5f4 2024-02-05 LGPL

SCM is a Scheme implementation conforming to Revised5 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme and the IEEE P1178 specification*.   Scm is written in C and runs under Amiga, Atari-ST, GNU/Linux, MacOS, MS-DOS, MS-Vista, MS-Windows, OS/2, NOS/VE, Unicos, VMS, Unix and similar systems.

SCM includes Hobbit, the Scheme-to-C compiler originally written by Tanel Tammet. Hobbit generates C files whose binaries can be dynamically or statically linked with a SCM executable. SCM includes linkable modules for sequence-comparison, arrays, records, and byte-number conversions; and modules for POSIX system calls and network-sockets, readline, ncurses, and Xlib.

On some platforms SCM supports unexec (developed for Emacs and bash), which dumps a executable image from a running SCM. This results in very low latency (12.ms) startup for SCM.

SCM requires the SLIB Scheme Library. Both SCM and SLIB are GNU packages.


scm-5f4 releases Radey Shouman's vicinity extension and fixes compiler-dependent arithmetic problems. Details at http://cvs.savannah.gnu.org/viewvc/*checkout*/scm/scm/ChangeLog.

Quick Start

x86 MS-Windows
Obtain slib-3c1-1.exe (1.1.MB) and run.
Obtain older version scm-5f4-1.exe (475.kB) and run.
Release Notes:
i686 GNU/Linux with RPM
Obtain slib-3c1-1.noarch.rpm (760.kB) and scm-5f4-1.i686.rpm (960.kB) and install.
x86_64 GNU/Linux with RPM
Obtain slib-3c1-1.noarch.rpm (760.kB) and scm-5f4-1.x86_64.rpm (1.2.MB) and install.

Build From Source


SCM Development

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