selected activities

Guest Co-Editor

  • Special topic on Mining and Learning with Graphs and Relations in the Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR). Together with Paolo Frasconi, Hannu Toivonen, Koji Tsuda. Submission deadline is February 3, 2008.

  • Special issue on Probabilistic Relational Learning in the Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence (AMAI). Together with Manfred Jaeger and Lise Getoor. Submission deadline is September 1, 2007.


  • 5th International Workshop on 'Mining and Learning with Graphs' (MLG), August 01 -03, 2007, Universita degli Studi di Firenze, Florence, Tuscany, Italy. Together with Paolo Frasconi and Koji Tsuda.

  • 'Statistical Relational Learning' Session at the 31st Annual Conference of the German Classification Society - Gesellschaft fuer Klassifikation (GfKI), March 7-9, 2007, Freiburg i. Br., Germany. Together with H. Blockeel.[CFP]

  • Dagstuhl Seminar 07161 on "Probabilistic, Logical and Relational Learning - A Further Synthesis", April 2007. Togehter with L. De Raedt, T. Dietterich, L. Getoor, and S. H. Muggleton.

Program Commitee Member


Invited Talks

  • "How to Make a PhD in Statistical Relational Learning" at the Second Research Contact Day of the CIL Doctoral School, Leuven, Belgium, August 29, 2007.
  • "An Inductive Logic Programming Approach to Statistical Relational Learning" at ACAI 2007 (Logic for Artificial Intelligence), Leuven, Belgium, August 24, 2007.
  • "Most Likely Heteroscedastic Gaussian Process Regression" at Nicholas Roy's Working Group Meeting, CSAIL, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA, August 14, 2007.
  • "Most Likely Heteroscedastic Gaussian Process Regression" at Fraunhofer IAIS, Sankt Augustin, Germany, August 06, 2007. Contact: Stefan Wrobel.
  • "Statistical Relational Learning: A Key Challenge for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning" at the Institute for Compute Science, University of Freiburg, Germany, January 09, 2007
  • "Statistical Relational Learning: A Key Challenge for Computational Biology" at Department of Computing, Imperial College London, UK, April 26, 2007.
  • "Probabilistic Logic Learning and Reasoning" at BeNeLearn 2005: Fourteenth Annual Machine Learning Conference of Belgium and the Netherlands, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands, February 17 -18, 2005.




  • May 01, 2004 - Dec. 24, 2006:
    APrIL, "Application of Probabilistic Inductive Logic Programming II" (APrIL II), Contract no. FP6-508861

  • October 01, 2001 - May 30, 2002 :
    APrIL, "Application of Probabilistic Inductive Logic Programming" (APrIL), IST-2001-33053

(Co-) Supervised Master Theses

  • Ingo Thon, "Dynamic Probabilistic Models over Interpretations", current.
  • Angelika Kimmig, "Learning Stochastic Logic Programs.", 2005.
  • Bernd Gutmann, "Relational Conditional Random Fields (for Logical Sequences)", 2005.
  • Alexandru Cocora, "Learning Relational Navigation Policies", 2005.
  • Joerg Fischer, "Asynchronous Relational Value Iteration", 2005.
  • Tayfun Guerel, "Naive Graph Labelling", 2005.
  • Steven Ganzert, "Using Equation Discovery for Finding ARDS-Lung Models: A Case Study", 2003.
  • Livia Predoiu, "Bayes'sche Datalog Programme", 2003.

(Co-) Supervised Student Research Projects

  • Uwe Dick, "Relational Fisher Kernels", 2005.
  • Hans-Martin Schultze, "Information Extraction with LOHMMs Learned by Stochastic Optimization", 2005.
  • Bernd Gutmann, "Relational Influence Diagrams", 2005.
  • Alexandru Cocora, "Discriminative Learning for Logical Sequences", 2004.
  • Ingo Thon, "Logical Markov Models", 2004.
  • Christian Stolle, "Learning from Random SAT", 2004.
  • Gerrit Merkel, "Information Extraction using Logical Hidden Markov Models", 2003.
  • Joerg Fischer, "SCGEM - A Fast Acceleration of EM", 2003.
  • Victoria Polzer, "Learning Patterns for Information Extraction with TILDE: A Case Study on Chemical Abstracts", 2003.
  • Niels Landwehr, "EM and Gradient-Based Learning of Bayesian Networks: A Case Study", 2002.
  • Steven Ganzert, "Analyse von Daten einer klinischen Multicenterstudie zur mechanischen Beatmung von Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) - Patienten mit Methoden der Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD)", 2001.

Other Activities