Kuat Yessenov

Kuat Yessenov

I was a Computer Science PhD student at MIT advised by Prof. Armando Solar-Lezama. My thesis was about automating tedious programming tasks using execution trace data and live demonstrations.

In the past, I have completed Master of Engineering degree at MIT under supervision of Prof. Daniel Jackson and had a great time working with Prof. Viktor Kuncak at EPFL and K. Rustan M. Leino at Microsoft Research.

I was a teaching assistant for Elements of Software Construction (known as 6.005, the main introductory software engineering course at MIT) twice in Spring 2009 and Fall 2008.



Publications [bib]

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Using SMT solvers for deductive synthesis of cache-oblivious dynamic-programming algorithms
Data-Driven Program Synthesis
Using SMT solvers for constraint programming in Scala
Stepwise refinement of heap-manipulating code in Chalice
Unified execution of declarative and imperative code in Squander
General purpose SAT-powered bounded model checking of Java code in JForge Eclipse Plug-in
A JML front-end for Forge bounded verification called JMLForge
Course Projects


This GPG public key belongs to me. I enjoy cycling and have raced for MIT Cycling.
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