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Table Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
attributes enabled bit 0 1 Do we use this attribute in practice?
sessions age int 10 0 User age
image_attributes aid int 10 0 FK_image_attributes_aid
Attribute id
questions aid int 10 0 FK_questions_aid
Attribute id
sessions bkgrnd int 10 0 User background in image processing
comparisons cid int 10 0
options.cid FK_options_cid
Comparison id (within this session, 0 based)
options cid int 10 0
comparisons.cid FK_options_cid
Comparison id
questions condition int 10  √  0 Ask question only if: 0=always, 1=only if size is reduced
comparisons did int 10 0
results.did FK_comparisons_res2
Dataset id
experiments_judges did int 10 0 FK_experiments_judges_did
Dataset id
results did int 10 0
comparisons.did FK_comparisons_res2 FK_results_did
Dataset id
datasets dim int 10 Resizing dimension (MATLAB notation: 1=height, 2=width)
experiments_judges expid int 10 0 Experiment id
sessions expid int 10  √  null Experiment id (if applicable)
sessions exptype int 10 0 Experiment type (0=reference, 1=blind)
sessions gender int 10 0 User gender
images height int 10 Image height
attributes id int 10 0
image_attributes.aid FK_image_attributes_aid
questions.aid FK_questions_aid
Unique attribute identifier
datasets id int 10  √ 
experiments_judges.did FK_experiments_judges_did
results.did FK_results_did
Unique dataset identifier
images id int 10  √ 
datasets.imid FK_datasets_imid
image_attributes.imid FK_image_attributes_imid
Unique image identifier
operators id int 10 0 Unique operator identifier
questions id int 10  √ 
options.qid FK_options_qid
Unique question identifier
results id int 10 0
comparisons.res1 FK_comparisons_res1
comparisons.res2 FK_comparisons_res2
Result id (within the dataset)
sessions id int 10  √ 
comparisons.sid FK_comparisons_sid
Unique session identifier
datasets imid int 10 0 FK_datasets_imid
Image id
image_attributes imid int 10 0 FK_image_attributes_imid
Image id
experiments_judges judgeid int 10 0 Judge id (a row in the design)
datasets mode int 10 0 Survey mode (0=random, 1=design)
sessions mode int 10  √  null Survey mode (0=random, 1=experiment)
results opid int 10 0 Operator id
options qid int 10 0 FK_options_qid
Question id
comparisons res1 int 10 0 FK_comparisons_res1
Left result id
comparisons res2 int 10 0 FK_comparisons_res2
Right result id
comparisons selected int 10 0 Selected result id
comparisons sid int 10 0
options.sid FK_options_cid FK_comparisons_sid
Session id
options sid int 10 0
comparisons.sid FK_options_cid
Session id
sessions user int 10 0 User type (0=normal, 1=mturk)
images width int 10 Image width
operators name varchar 16 Operator name
sessions ended datetime 19  √  null The time this session ended (NULL for partially completed session)
sessions started datetime 19 0000-00-00 00:00:00 The time this session started
comparisons ctime double 22  √  null The time it took the user to choose his preferred result (might be NULL in earlier versions)
comparisons qtime double 22  √  null The time it took the user to select his options
datasets r double 22 0 Resize ratio
sessions version double 22 0 Survey version
sessions ip varchar 32  √  null Client ip
results filename varchar 64 Result file name
images name varchar 64 Image name
comparisons options varchar 128  √  null The selected options in case the extra question was given (NULL o/w)
sessions uuid varchar 128 Session uuid generated by PHP
attributes name varchar 255 Attribute name
sessions agent text 65535  √  null Client agent
sessions comment text 65535  √  null Any additional comment about this session
datasets filter text 65535  √  null Results to filter (currently given as comma separated operator names)
sessions host text 65535  √  null Client host (by reverse DNS lookup)
questions question text 65535 Question string