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Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, Ph.D.

Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
32 Vassar St.
Room 32-G930
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: +1 617-253-8236
Fax: +1 617-258-8607

I am a postdoctoral scholar working in the database systems group at MIT. I got my Ph.D. from EPFL, where I won both the Doctorate Award and the EPFL Press Mention in 2007. My current research interests are in large-scale infrastructures for unconventional data such as spatiotemporal, scientific, or Semantic Web data. More about me. My publications.

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September 2009
TrajStore paper accepted at ICDE [acceptance: 13%].

June 2009
SciDB and TrajStore, demos accepted at VLDB.

May 2009
TrajStore receives a Jim Gray Seed Grant from Microsoft

January 2009
idMesh: Graph-Based Disambiguation of Linked Data (ppt) paper accepted at WWW [acceptance: 12%]

November 2008
RodentStore paper accepted at CIDR.

October 2008
New project in collaboration with HPI on performance tradeoffs in main-memory database systems.

October 2008
New VLDB J. paper: PicShark: Mitigating Metadata Scarcity through Large-Scale P2P Collaboration.