Introduction to the semantic web

[ Invited Tutorial ]

Following on the footsteps of ISWC07 and ISWC08, we are pleased to propose a new edition of the Introduction to the Semantic Web invited tutorial at ISWC 2010.

The tutorial will take place on November 7 in Shanghai and will give an overview of the main concepts, technologies, and current issues related to the Semantic Web.

November 7, Morning: Foundations

 - 8:50am: Foreword - Philippe Cudre-Mauroux & Bijan Parsia
 - 9am: Introduction - Jim Hendler [slides]
In this introduction, Jim will cover some of the history behind the Semantic Web, a number of the current issues and what the future holds.
 - 9:35am: RDF - Sandro Hawke [slides]
In this first technical session, Sandro will give an overview of the Resource Description Framework (RDF), a language for describing resources and one of the major components of the Semantic Web.
 - 10:10am: Coffee Break
- 10:30am: OWL & Rules - Birte Glimm [slides]
In this part, Birte will give an overview of the Web Ontology Language OWL, its dialects, and of recent Rule languages.
 - 11:10am: Ontology Engineering - Asunción Gómez-Pérez [slides]
In this session, Asun will describe the main principles and phases underlying the construction of ontologies, including acquisition, conceptualization, evaluation and integration.
 - 11:50am: Interoperability - Jérôme Euzenat [slides]
Jérôme will discuss the problems brought by heterogeneity in the semantic web. He will outline different techniques, which can be used to address these and restore interoperability.
- 12:30pm: Lunch Break

November 7, Afternoon: Applications

 - 2pm: Semantic Web Success Stories - Stefan Schlobach [slides]
In this session, Stefan will describe a series of recent and successful endeavors, all powered by Semantic Web technologies.
 - 2:40pm: Linked Data - Christian Bizer [slides]
Christian will give an overview of the Linked Data Cloud and of best practices for exposing, sharing, and connecting pieces of data on the Semantic Web using URIs and RDF.
 - 3:20pm: Knowledge Sharing - Fabio Ciravegna [slides]
In this part, Fabio will outline the main issues and techniques related to the capture and management of knowledge at large scale. He will also give insights into how information extraction techniques can support the population of ontologies with data.
 - 4pm: Coffee Break
 - 4:30pm: Semantic Web Services - Carlos Pedrinaci [slides]
This session will describe how to apply Semantic Web technologies to describe and manage Web Services. It will give an overview of the main semantic languages in that context.
 - 5:10pm: Health Care & Life Sciences - Natasha Noy [slides]
In this last session, Natasha will give an overview of the most important languages and techniques used today to manage life sciences information and support health care applications.
 - 5:50pm: End

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