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I very occasionally think of documenting some thoughts in a blog. These are inspired by personal experiences, travel, or work-related ideas.  Very occasional!

Photographic Essays

I like to take photographs. I also like to be able to reminisce about past events and the people I have interacted with. The following are pointers to a collection of my own and others' photos and some videos of interviews with me.

I have used Flickr to post many collections of pictures taken over recent years. Here is a list of (pointers to) albums that should be accessible at that sharing site.

ACMI Dinner and Induction of Fellows 2015
Suzanne Bakken had asked me to take pictures of the induction ceremony in November 2016 in San Francisco. Congratulations to the new inductees, and it was great to see all who were at the dinner.
2015 MIT EECS Award Ceremony
Every year, the EECS Department of MIT holds a ceremony honoring excellence in teaching and research among students and faculty. The 2015 ceremony was on June 16 at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
Deep snows near our home in January and February 2015
The winter of 2015 was famous for a huge volume of snow in Boston. In fact, the last of the piles gathered by plowing city streets did not finally melt until July!
Family Thanksgiving, Nov. 27, 2014
The East Coast branch of Dianne's large family has a tradition of getting together for a Thanksgiving feast. In 2014, this was at Hilary's house in Guilford, CT.
Barbara Liskov's Retirement Dinner, Sep. 6, 2014
Barbara Liskov, a distinguished member of the MIT faculty (and a winner of the Turing Award) officially retired, though she continues to be active in research. A large gathering of colleagues, family and friends celebrated. For me, the best line was her husband Nate thanking her for making his family name famous.
2014 Nostalgia trip through Hungary
See this Blog entry for my travelogue and links to hundreds of photographs.
Mount Calvary Cemetery
Dianne's great-great-grandfather, Jonathan Ladd, is buried at Mount Calvary Cemetery in Roslindale, as a Civil War veteran. We visited on Memorial Day, 2014.
Gorsium, Hungary, visiting in 2006
I had visited the old Roman military encampment of Gorsium with my cousin in 2006. The western shore of the Danube marked the bounds of Roman expansion in what is present-day Hungary. One of the stones marks the visit of Sixtus Severus, a general who became Emperor.
Scanned photographs from the early days of Project MAC
In preparation for MIT Project MAC's 50th anniversary celebration, I received three troves of photographs from its early days.  I scanned them and reproduce them here.
Bill Long's Retirement Party, September 2013
My very long-time collaborator, Dr. William J. Long, retired after over 35 years of research at CSAIL, following his doctoral studies here.  We held a party to celebrate the event.  Bill continues to come in often and contributes to our research efforts.
MEDG Get-togethers
Mary Foster's 90th Birthday
In August 2013, the Foster family gathered in Los Angeles to celebrate Mary's 90th.  We were a bit early, since her birthday was not until October. She is still going strong in 2016.
Pete & Dianne Wedding, August 1979
We were married in a double ceremony with Dianne's sister Barbara and her husband Chris. It was a blow-out at the Bel Air Hotel in the Los Angeles area, with all our families, friends, a Hungarian gypsy band, and a Martin Short-style wedding planner.

Photo by Philip Greenspun