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  This is a picture of me controlling a Doom Game using an iPaq and Cricket.  As I walk around the room, I also walk around the doom world.
Oxygen Research Group

The CSAIL Oxygen project address a wide range of issues related to Pervasive, Human Centric Computing.  The Oxygen Reseach Group is one attempt to make use of and to integrate many of the research efforts that are part of the Oxygen Project.  In particular, ORG attempts to define a set of fundamental research questions related to pervasive or ubiqutous computing.

The main ORG research site is useful for more information and has links to several master's thesis by some of graduates of ORG.

There have been a number of graduate students that have been part of ORG, and their research has defined some of the boundaries of ORG.

An article (in pdf format)  "A course on Pervasive Computing" describing my experiences teaching a course on pervasive computing (6.964) , appeared in the IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine.

Another article "When Rebooting is Not an Option" that appeared in the MIT Technology Review on-line web site.  Here is a copy in case that site no longer maintains the article.

Some of the current projects include:

(it is summer time and I am filling this in -- July 2003)

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