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For each PC member, put a comma-separated list of submission-IDs that this member should NOT have access to. A list of submissions and their IDs is found at the bottom of this page.
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Angelos Charisteas:  8, 33
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Danielle Fotopoulos:  10, 36
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Devvyn Hawkins:  54
Angela Hucles:  4
Jena Kluegel:  26
Amy LePeilbet:  41
Paolo Maldini:  12
Antonios Nikopolidis:  18, 27
Michael Owen:  50
Francesco Totti:  7
Zinedine Zidane:  

Submission list

1. On Obfuscating Point Functions
Hoeteck Wee

2. Logcrypt: Forward Security and Public Verification for Secure Audit Logs
Jason E. Holt and Kent E. Seamons

3. Cryptanalysis of Hiji-bij-bij (HBB)
Vlastimil Klima

4. Benes and Butterfly schemes revisited
Jacques Patarin and Audrey Montreuil

5. A sufficient condition for key-privacy
Shai Halevi

6. A Metric on the Set of Elliptic Curves over ${mathbf F}_p$.
Pradeep Kumar Mishra and Kishan Chand Gupta

7. The Misuse of RC4 in Microsoft Word and Excel
Hongjun Wu

8. Comments on "Distributed Symmetric Key Management for Mobile Ad hoc Networks" from INFOCOM 2004
J. Wu and R. Wei

9. Mixing properties of triangular feedback shift registers
Bernd Schomburg

10. Update on SHA-1
Vincent Rijmen and Elisabeth Oswald

11. An Improved Elegant Method to Re-initialize Hash Chains
Yuanchao Zhao and Daoben Li

12. Efficient Certificateless Public Key Encryption
Zhaohui Cheng and Richard Comley

13. Comments: Insider attack on Cheng et al.s pairing-based tripartite key agreement protocols
Hung-Yu Chien

14. A Chosen Ciphertext Attack on a Public Key Cryptosystem Based on Lyndon Words
Ludovic Perret

15. Hierarchical Identity Based Encryption with Constant Size Ciphertext
Dan Boneh and Xavier Boyen and Eu-Jin Goh

16. Narrow T-functions
Magnus Daum

17. Side Channel Attacks on Implementations of Curve-Based Cryptographic Primitives
Roberto M. Avanzi

18. Collusion Resistant Broadcast Encryption With Short Ciphertexts and Private Keys
Dan Boneh and Craig Gentry and Brent Waters

19. The Full Abstraction of the UC Framework
Jes{\'u}s F. Almansa

20. (De)Compositions of Cryptographic Schemes and their Applications to Protocols
R. Janvier and Y. Lakhnech and L. Mazare

21. Partial Hiding in Public-Key Cryptography
Eabhnat N'{i} Fhloinn and Michael Purser

22. An Improved and Efficient Countermeasure against Power Analysis Attacks
ChangKyun Kim and JaeCheol Ha and SangJae Moon and Sung-Ming Yen and Wei-Chih Lien and Sung-Hyun Kim

23. A Construction of Public-Key Cryptosystem Using Algebraic Coding on the Basis of Superimposition and...
Masao Kasahara

24. On the Diffie-Hellman problem over $GL_{n}$
A. A. Kalele and V. R. Sule

25. Analysis of Affinely Equivalent Boolean Functions
Meng Qing-shu and Yang min and Zhang Huan-guo and Liu Yu-zhen

26. Techniques for random maskin in hardware
Jovan Dj. Golic

27. Tag-KEM/DEM: A New Framework for Hybrid Encryption
Masayuki ABE and Rosario Gennaro and Kaoru Kurosawa

28. Improved Proxy Re-Encryption Schemes with Applications to Secure Distributed Storage
Giuseppe Ateniese and Kevin Fu and Matthew Green and Susan Hohenberger

29. A model and architecture for pseudo-random generation with applications to /dev/random
Boaz Barak and Shai Halevi

30. Weak keys of pairing based Diffie Hellman schemes on elliptic curves
A. A. Kalele and V. R. Sule

31. The Vector Decomposition Problem for Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Curves
Iwan Duursma and Negar Kiyavash

32. On the Notion of Statistical Security in Simulatability Definitions
Dennis Hofheinz and Dominique Unruh

33. A Flexible Framework for Secret Handshakes
Gene Tsudik and Shouhuai Xu

34. An Efficient CDH-based Signature Scheme With a Tight Security Reduction
Benoit Chevallier-Mames

35. Concurrent Composition of Secure Protocols in the Timing Model
Yael Kalai and Yehuda Lindell and Manoj Prabhakaran

36. Improving Secure Server Performance by Re-balancing SSL/TLS Handshakes
Claude Castelluccia and Einar Mykletun and Gene Tsudik

37. Distinguishing Stream Ciphers with Convolutional Filters
Joan Daemen and Gilles Van Assche

38. Unfairness of a protocol for certified delivery
Juan M. Estevez-Tapiador and Almudena Alcaide

39. On the Security of a Group Signature Scheme with Strong Separability
Lihua Liu and Zhengjun Cao

40. Polyhedrons over Finite Abelian Groups and Their Cryptographic Applications
Logachev~O.A. and Salnikov~A.A. and Yaschenko~V.V.

41. An Efficient Solution to The Millionaires Problem Based on Homomorphic Encryption
Hsiao-Ying Lin and Wen-Guey Tzeng

42. On the affine classification of cubic bent functions
Sergey Agievich

43. Choosing Parameter Sets for NTRUEncrypt with NAEP and SVES-3
Nick Howgrave-Graham and Joseph H. Silverman and William Whyte

44. New Approaches for Deniable Authentication
Mario Di Raimondo and Rosario Gennaro

45. Cryptanalysis of an anonymous wireless authentication and conference key distribution scheme
Qiang Tang and Chris J. Mitchell

46. Cryptanalysis of two identification schemes based on an ID-based cryptosystem
Qiang Tang and Chris J. Mitchell

47. Adversarial Model for Radio Frequency Identification
Gildas Avoine

48. David Chaum's Voter Verification using Encrypted Paper Receipts
Poorvi L. Vora

49. A Note on Shor's Quantum Algorithm for Prime Factorization
Zhengjun Cao

50. Picking Virtual Pockets using Relay Attacks on Contactless Smartcard Systems
Ziv Kfir and Avishai Wool

51. An Approach Towards Rebalanced RSA-CRT with Short Public Exponent
Hung-Min Sun and Mu-En Wu

53. Untraceability of Two Group Signature Schemes
Zhengjun Cao

54. Key Derivation and Randomness Extraction
Olivier Chevassut and Pierre-Alain Fouque and Pierrick Gaudry and David Pointcheval

101. A sufficient condition for key-privacy
Shai Halevi

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