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Submission and Review Site Administration

July 2007 Test (TEST 2007)

 Submission Site is Closed
  o  Submission list by number, category,
     status, format  (use to revise or
     withdraw submissions), 
  o  Submit a paper (after the deadline)
  o  Tweak site settings,
  o  Send email to authors

Review Site is Active

Initial set-up
Create a tar file with all the submission files
Edit the review guidelines page
Manage PC membership

Paper assignments
Download the submission-list as a TSV file (can be used in spreadsheets such as Excel)
Edit conflicts (block access to submissions due to conflict-of-interests). Access is NOT blocked by default (what′s this?)
Assign submissions to reviewers...

Reviews and decisions
Overview of all submissions and reviews
Set status of submissions
Set-up and manage PC votes

A full list of all the reviews and discussions (text)
Generate accept/reject letters...
Generate comments letters...
Activate Final-submission site...
Edit camera-ready instructions

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This is a version 0.63 (beta) of the Web-Submission-and-Review software, written by Shai Halevi from IBM Research
Shai would love to hear your comments and suggestions regarding this software.