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I have graduated from MIT and now work in the tech industry. See my LinkedIn profile for more detail.

Professional Interest

I completed my Ph.D. from MIT in 2009 under the supervision of Prof. Madhu Sudan. My work is concerned with algorithms in the presence of huge datasets. Below are papers that I have worked on; the links are on arXiv and contain full proofs as opposed to conference versions that may appear elsewhere.


Property testing via set-theoretic operations
16 pages, ICS 2011.
N. Xie,
M. Sudan
abs pdf ps
Efficient and error-correcting data structures for membership and polynomial evaluation
16 pages, STACS 2010.
E. Grigorescu,
R. de Wolf
abs pdf ps
Testing linear-invariant non-linear properties
19 pages, STACS 2009. Theory of Computing, to appear.
A. Bhattacharyya,
M. Sudan, N. Xie
abs pdf ps
A hypergraph dictatorship test with perfect completeness
16 pages, RANDOM 2009.
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Survey & Talks


After graduation, I have worked at a few institutions. Here are the courses I have taught.

at Princeton University: at Tsinghua University:
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