MAT302 (Winter 2012): Algebraic Cryptography


Course Information

INSTRUCTOR Vinod Vaikuntanathan
Office: 3073 CCT Building
E-mail: firstname.lastname@utoronto [dot] ca
WHEN & WHERE Mondays: 1-2pm at IB 370
Wednesdays: 1-3pm at IB 379
Tutorial (Fri): 10-11am at IB 360
OFFICE HOURS Wednesdays 3-4pm (and by appointment)
TEXTBOOK We have a recommended textbook that we will more or less follow through the course. In cases where the material taught is not readily available online, I will try to provide course notes or other online references.
  • Recommended: Christof Paar and Jan Pelzl, Understanding Cryptography: A Textbook for Students and Practitioners, Springer, 2nd Ed. Available online via the UofT Libraries!
  • Reference: Victor Shoup, A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra, Available online at
  • Reference: Thomas Cormen, Charles Leiserson and Ronald Rivest, Introduction to Algorithms, The MIT Press.
GRADING Five problem sets (for a total of 35%), class participation (5%), a midterm (20%) and a final (40%). Problem Sets are due in the beginning of the class.

All this information (and more) can be found in the course information sheet.

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Students should become familiar with and are expected to adhere to the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters, which can be found in the UTM Calendar or at: (Academic Honesty) (Advice on avoiding plagiarism).

Course Description

The course will take students on a journey through the methods of algebra and number theory in cryptography, from Euclid to Zero Knowledge Proofs. Topics include: Block ciphers and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES); Algebraic and Number-theoretic techniques and algorithms in Cryptography, including methods for primality testing and factoring large numbers; Encryption and Digital Signature systems based on RSA, Factoring, Elliptic Curves and Integer Lattices; and Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

Prerequisites: MAT223H5 Linear Algebra I, MAT224H5 Linear Algebra II, MAT301H5 Groups and Symmetries.

Problem Sets

Supplementary Material for the Lectures

Schedule (subject to change)

Lecture Topic Announcements Problem Sets
Lecture 1 (Jan 2) Administrivia. a one-hour version of the course. [ supplementary material ]
Lecture 2 (Jan 4) The Caesar and Affine Ciphers. Some Basic Number Theory -- the groups Zn and Z*n and the Euler Totient Function. Problem Set 1 posted;
due Jan 16 in class.
Lecture 3 (Jan 9) The Vigenere Cipher. Frequency Analysis attacks.
Lecture 4 (Jan 11) Perfect Security and the One-time Pad. The (extended) Euclidean Algorithm
Lecture 5 (Jan 16) Problem Set 1 due in class
Lecture 6 (Jan 18) Problem Set 2 posted;
due Jan 30 in class.
Lecture 7 (Jan 23)
Lecture 8 (Jan 25)
Lecture 9 (Jan 30) Problem Set 2 due in class
Problem Set 3 posted;
due Feb 13 in class.
Lecture 10 (Feb 1)
Lecture 11 (Feb 6)
Lecture 12 (Feb 8)
Lecture 13 (Feb 13) Problem Set 3 due in class
Problem Set 4 posted;
due Mar 12 in class
(You have 4 weeks for this pset!)
Lecture 14 (Feb 15)
Feb 20--24 Reading Week -- NO CLASSES
Lecture 15 (Feb 27)
Lecture 16 (Feb 29) MIDTERM (in class)
Lecture 17 (Mar 5)
Lecture 18 (Mar 7)
Lecture 19 (Mar 12) Problem Set 4 due in class
Lecture 20 (Mar 14)
Lecture 21 (Mar 19)
Lecture 22 (Mar 21) Problem Set 5 posted;
due Apr 2 at 1pm in the instructor's office CCT 3073
Lecture 23 (Mar 26)
Lecture 24 (Mar 28)