November 2017 Second Language Learning from a Multilingual Perspective
Thesis defense, MIT

July 2017 Language Learning and Multilingualism
CBMM Summer School, Woods Hole

July 2017 Predicting Native Language from Gaze
ACL, Vancouver Canada [video]

May 2017 Language, Computation and Cognition
Guest lecture, Hunter College

March 2017 From ESL to the Typology of the World's Languages (and Back)
CompLang Discussion Group, MIT

November 2016 Anchoring and Agreement in Syntactic Annotations
EMNLP, Austin USA [video]

March 2016 Computational Modeling of Cross-Linguistic Influence
Linguistic Theory and Language Acquisition class (24.948), MIT

February 2016 Universal Dependencies for Learner English
Computational Linguistics and Multilingualism Workshop, University of Cambridge UK

August 2015 Relating Native Language Properties to Foreign Language Usage
CBMM Flash Presentation, MIT [video]

August 2015 Visual Resolution of Linguistic Ambiguities
CBMM Flash Presentation, MIT [video]

July 2015 Typology Driven Estimation of Grammatical Error Distributions in ESL
CoNLL, Beijing China

January 2015 Relating Native Language Typology to Foreign Language Usage
NLIP Seminar University of Cambridge UK

June 2014 Reconstructing Native Language Typology from Foreign Language Usage
CoNLL, Baltimore USA