Christopher J. Terman
Senior Lecturer Emeritus, MIT Dept. of EECS

Stata Center, Room 32-G422
32 Vassar Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

Tel: +1 617 253 6038

Current projects

    Development of coureseware and content for EECS courses.

    Comparing the effectiveness of online educational interactions with traditional and flipped classroom teaching techniques.


    Introduction to EECS II: Digital Communications Systems (6.02). An integrated introduction to electrical engineering and computer science that explores communication signals, systems and networks. [F06, S07, F07, S08, S09, F09, S10, S11]

    Computation Structures (6.004). 6.004 introduces the architecture of digital systems, emphasizing structural principles common to a wide range of technologies. [F99, S00, F00, S01, F01, S02, F02, F03, S05, S06, S07, S08, F10, F11, F12, S13, F13, S14, F14, S15, F15, S16, F16, S17, F17, S18]

    Foundations of Programming (6.009). Introduces fundamental concepts of programming. Designed to develop skills in applying basic methods from programming languages to abstract problems. Topics include programming and Python basics, computational concepts, software engineering, algorithmic techniques, data types, and recursion and tail recursion. Lab component consists of software design, construction, and implementation of design. [F16, S17, F17]

    Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory (6.111). A hands-on introduction to current implementation techniques for digital systems, leading to a final project of the student's choice. [F04, F05, F06, F07, F08, F09]

    Multicore Systems Laboratory (6.173). Lectures and labs illustrate how to build a multicore computer system. Using a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) board, programmed with a simple multicore processor and a minimal software environment, students develop Verilog and software to implement different hardware/software designs for caches, messages, shared memory, and coordination primitives. [F10]

    Introduction to VLSI Systems (6.371). An introductory graduate-level course providing a hands-on introduction to the design and implementation of large-scale digital systems in CMOS VLSI. [F96, F02]

Past projects

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