Dynamics-Aware Numerical Coarsening for Fabrication Design

Desai Chen1 2 David I. Levin3 Wojciech Matusik1 Danny M. Kaufman2

1MIT CSAIL 2Adobe Research 3University of Toronto


The realistic simulation of highly-dynamic elastic objects is important for a broad range of applications in computer graphics, engineering and computational fabrication. However, whether simulating flipping toys, jumping robots, prosthetics or quickly moving creatures, performing such simulations in the presence of contact, impact and friction is both time consuming and inaccurate. In this paper we present Dynamics-Aware Coarsening (DAC) and the Boundary Balanced Impact (BBI) model which allow for the accurate simulation of dynamic, elastic objects undergoing both large scale deformation and frictional contact, at rates up to 79 times faster than state-of-the-art methods. DAC and BBI produce simulations that are accurate and fast enough to be used (for the first time) for the computational design of 3D-printable compliant dynamic mechanisms. Thus we demonstrate the efficacy of DAC and BBI by designing and fabricating mechanisms which flip, throw and jump over and onto obstacles as requested.


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Compliant walker design

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