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Re: Python's GC approach

Jeremy Hylton <jeremy@zope.com> writes:

> During my Python talk, Matthias asked me why Python had its own
> garbage collection instead of using Hans Boehms.
> As I emphasized in my talk, Python's implementation favors simplicity
> and portability over performance.  I think the Boehm-gc approach is at
> odds with this design goal.  
> I just glanced at the various platform
> READMEs in the current implementation.  They have warnings like this...
> [elided]
> None of this sounds particularly portable or reliable.  

I'm amused because I chose the Boehm gc in REBOL 1.0 because I thought
it *was* rather portable and reliable.  However, I didn't attempt to
use it in multi-threaded mode or in generational mode.

Since we had only a couple of developers, it saved months of
development time, not even counting the time saved by allowing
developers to ignore memory management.