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> what do you think ?

Check out Curl (http://www.curl.com).  It has:

* an emacs-like editor (and an emacs mode, if you prefer the real
* a REPL
* runs from a command prompt or in a browser
* readable syntax (infix, punctuation, minimal parens, no semicolons)
* Scheme heritage (closures, macros, optional dynamic types)

You mentioned 3D.  Curl has incredible support for 2D and 3D graphics
(I'm a biased party, however).  In addition to all of the libraries and
bindings you'd expect for GL and basic image loading/rendering, there

* union, subtract, intersection, etc primitives for 2D regions
* high performance image processing support libraries
* built-in 3D and 2D vector types, transformation matrices
* unit checking (e.g. meters vs. seconds) for scalars, 2D and 3D


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