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Re: basic parrot questions

On Mon, Dec 03, 2001 at 08:31:00AM -0800, Terrence Brannon wrote:
> Why would a software machine closely emulating CISC architecture 
> be expected to execute as efficiently on RISC and CISC machines?

Have to ask Dan that one. I am not a hardware hacker. However...

> Does it make any sense to create a low-level machine modeled on 
> one-architecture instead of a high-level architecture which can 
> flexibly optimize to either architecture?
First of all, I'm not convinced that Parrot's design is all that low
level. It has some low-level elements, and currently that's all that's
there. That's simply because the low-level stuff is the easiest to
implement and get people interested in and playing around with. Sure, I
could implement the regular expression, mapcar, and object despatch ops,
but I thought I'd be better off starting with integer addition. :)

Secondly, the idea of having a virtual which can "flexibly optimize"
to RISC or CISC is not something I'm particularly familiar with. Can
you provide examples?

> Also, I thought Parrot was not "stack-based" If that is the case 
> then why does Overview.pod say this:
> "Registers will be stored in register frames, which can be pushed and
> popped onto the register stack. For instance, a subroutine or a block
> might need its own register frame."

Do you think that makes it stack based?

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