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Re: Java loves C++ [was Re: MATLAB]

--- Tony Kimball <alk@pobox.com> wrote:
> Quoth Morgan McGuire on Monday, 10 December:
> : 
> : For example, I'm still waiting to see ... C++ integration ...
> : in Java.
> Wait no more.  GCJ's CNI is very sweet.  Lots of potential
> for screaming fast EJB with transparent intercall to legacy C++ 
> applications; my breath is bated until JBoss works with GCJ.

I've been very excited about it, in fact. My initial forrays yielded a
problem, however-- GCJ doesn't have good support for the Java standard
libraries or Swing, which are a big part of what makes Java so useful. 
Nothing time can't fix, however...


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