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Re: Cold Fusion

"Seth Gordon" <sethg@ropine.com> writes:

>    Cold Fusion,...
> Which reminds me: Anyone who wants to weigh "syntax" as a significant
> factor preventing Lisp/Python/fill-in-the-blank from taking the world
> by storm ought to learn CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language).  The
> horror!  The horror!
> And yet, Allaire/Macromedia seem to be making decent money off of
> ColdFusion.

You're missing a very important fact.  Most of the people creating CFM
web pages aren't writing the CFML by hand; they're using web
development environments that produce the ugly language for them.

The syntax doesn't stop people in this case because a large number of
them never pay any attention to the syntax at all.  They barely know
it is there.