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Re: what's your motivation?

"Seth Gordon" <sethg@ropine.com> writes:

> There are all sorts of reasons why someone might want to design a
> language.  In particular, one could hope to become *very famous*
> (renowned throughout hackerdom as the creator of the powerful Foo
> programming language) 

Ah, to be as well known as the inventor of TRAC, NAVAL, or PLEX.

> or one could hope to become *very rich* (raking in the profits from
> a programming tool that is so powerful, at least in a certain
> domain, that people are willing to cough up big money for it).

And of course we all got stinking rich off of Lisp machines.  Even
those people at Aztec, Borland, Phar Lap, Lucid, Harlequin,
etc. managed to make a small fortune.  Look at the cash that REBOL is
raking in.

The only reason I can see that *anyone* creates or designs a computer
language is that he or she is compelled to.  Some people paint, others
write music, some sculpt, and there are the poor souls that design
computer languages.