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Experimental language jtpl


this might (or might not) be useful to ruby developers
or programming languages lovers.

Jtpl is Jakub Travnik's experimental language. It's syntax
has been influenced by Ruby (i.e. iterators). However its
semantic is rather lispy.

It is work in progress, it does not contain useful libraries.

Source is compiled to kind of byte-code and interpreted by
simple virtual machine.

Language support functional style programming and functional
approach to objects (using closures).

It has one feature I didn't see in any other language: return
through continuations (i.e. return is default variable in function
that holds continuation of current function).

Source is under same license like Ruby.
Jtpl has been tested on Linux and Solaris.

Download: http://klokan.sh.cvut.cz/~jtra/

Jakub Travnik