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Re: On the subject of s-expr notation

See http://www.lisp.org/table/tools.htm#syntax

You may have to google a bit to find extent copies of, e.g., cgol.

ryan daum wrote:
> Does anybody know of any successful experiments in attempting to run-time
> translate a subset of C-like (Algol-like, I guess) syntax down to a
> Lisp/Scheme notation?  It doesn't seem like it would be hard, but a google
> search isn't yielding much.
> Background is that I'm thinking of selling a client on a product that uses
> an embedded Scheme interpreter, but the client is somewhat uncomfortable
> with having to maintain Scheme code in places.  I'm thinking wrapping the
> scheme syntax with a domain-specific-language which would merely be a
> mapping of the same Scheme code to a simple dynamically-typed C-like
> language, to make things easier to read for those unaccustomed to
> lisp-like notation.
> Does this seem at all reasonable?
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