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Re: Industry versus academia

"Neil W. Van Dyke" <neil@neilvandyke.org> writes:

>> Yeah, I did not expect the OTI guys to write the plug-in.  I just
>> thought some good-hearted open-source guy out there would do it and
>> publish it somehow.  So many Eclipse users, and so many Gnu Emacs
>> users; it just seems to be crying out to be done.
> Just took a quick look, but the crunchy-granola Free Software side that
> occasionally hacks Emacs was alienated almost immediately... :)
> http://www.eclipse.org/eclipse/presentation/eclipse-slides_files/error.htm
>     This presentation contains content that your browser may not be able
>     to show properly. This presentation was optimized for more recent
>     versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
>     If you would like to proceed anyway, click here.
> Clicking "here" results in a suboptimal blank window.

Yeah, so much for open standards - you get to choose the "optimized"
html, or .pdf, or a Powerpoint(TM) slide show.