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Re: Y Store /Closures

Brent Fulgham wrote
> We try to limit server round-trips because we found this
> to be a performance problem on heavily-loaded systems.
>Did you find this to provide good performance?

Web applications are a very huge problem domain so we specifically reduced
the focus of our framework to a subset of the web-applications: Data centric
applications with lots of objects classes (ie interfaces) with a limited
number of users using the same objects simultneously. So far we use this
framework mainly for intranet applications where the network performance is
good enough to not be a problem. We will probably get a contract for a
public Internet application in the next months, but it will be limited in
term of number of simultaneous users (less than 1000) by server.


From: Marc Battyani
> What you call event-driven here looks more like submit-driven to me.
> IMO event driven is more fine grained than this. I fire events to the
> on slots modification so that I can control more precisely what the user
> does. In this case continuations don't apply.
> I am the only one here to do such kind of web applications ?