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Re: Hackers and Painters and Lawyers

> Given the spaghetti mess that is the current state of legal code, this 
> strikes me as a dubious analogy. Well, perhaps not in your offices :)
> I was IMing with a friend the other day, remarking that it would be 
> nice to have more programmers in Congress - perhaps they could 
> mercilessly refactor the current U.S. Code.
> Zac

Hi Zac and All,

    We were talking about private contract law drafted by rational parties, not public legislative processes.

    Once you introduce big money politics and lobbyists to the mix all bets are off.

    However, I would note that the "Law and AI" community has looked at normalizing the logical forms of statutory law with an eye towards making legislation machine interpretable, although I doubt the political types would ever adopt their recommendations.

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