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Re: another take on hackers and painters

At 9:06 AM -0500 5/21/03, Matt Hellige wrote:
>[Dan Sugalski <dan@sidhe.org>]
>>  At 5:00 PM -0400 5/20/03, John Clements wrote:
>>  >...
>>  >
>>  >Depends what you mean by "a type problem."  If I'm adding a number
>>  >and a string, that's definitely a "type problem,"
>>  Is it? What's wrong with 1 + "3" producing 4?
>Wow... That just makes me cringe... And sets off my "perl proximity"
>alarm. By the same token, why not have 1 + "3" produce the string "13"?

It could, sure, but + generally notes addition, and both sides *are* 
numbers, after all. Why not coerce to types based on value? Seems the 
logical extension to dynamic typing to me.

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