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I've done this also, just like you, while using
And, for the most part, it worked, and allowed me to
be a more-or-less good citizen when other team members
were using everything from Emacs to JBuilder to
<cough, I wish I were lying> Notepad.

Where it fell down and created sometimes quite a bit
of work is in the case of resolving conflicts via
3-way merge.  The diffs were always huge, even if the
actual changes weren't terribly big.  

However, my choice of VAJava was because it helped my
productivity, and my solution was just to check in
working code more frequently.


--- Avi Bryant <avi@beta4.com> wrote:
> I made a point of saying in my earlier message that
> being able to
> import/export plaintext source code files has a lot
> of value, particularly
> since it allows integration with version control.  I
> do most of
> my development in Squeak; I also use CVS to manage
> all of my source code.
> The cost I currently pay for this is to press a
> button in Squeak to export
> my package every time I want to commit, and import
> every time after I
> update.  If this became onerous it would be easy to
> automate it further.

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