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On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, Ranjan Bagchi wrote:

> I've done this also, just like you, while using
> VAJava.
> And, for the most part, it worked, and allowed me to
> be a more-or-less good citizen when other team members
> were using everything from Emacs to JBuilder to
> <cough, I wish I were lying> Notepad.
> Where it fell down and created sometimes quite a bit
> of work is in the case of resolving conflicts via
> 3-way merge.  The diffs were always huge, even if the
> actual changes weren't terribly big.

I've carefully tweaked the export format to reduce the size of the diffs
and the potential for conflicts.  If conflicts do occur, I don't resolve
them in a text editor - I parse the conflicting files, compare them
method by method instead of line by line, and present a conflict
resolution UI in Squeak.